Children will LOVE the simple, visible mazes for the sounds and animation.

All will enjoy solving more difficult invisible mazes. People who are visually impaired will be on equal
footing with others with the help of

You have discovered precious silver in the earth! Your job is to drag your precious silver balls
up 5 levels to the surface, moving blindly up through the ground to Freedom and fresh air! Enjoy 3
maze types, with 3 skill levels per type. Fun for children or even a genius!

Three type of mazes:

* Completely Visible mazes, especially good for developing a child's coordination and analytical skills.

* "Progress" mazes which start out Invisible. When a ball is dragged across an invisible wall, the ball
falls to its starting position, a small explosion occurs at the wall, and the wall is displayed and remains
that way.

* Invisible mazes that remain completely invisible. Only explosions and the ball dropping will be your
clues to the location of walls. You can find your way through trial and error, but you will need to rely
on your memory and spatial visualization.

Surely there is a level of difficulty for everyone, or for every occasion. Whether you just want to enjoy
the game play, sounds, and animations-- or whether you really want a challenge.

Choose 1 of 3 ball movement sounds. They provide additional feedback when exploring an invisible

Enjoy your Blind Earth Escape!
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Blind Earth Escape
Three ways of solving mazes: totally Visible, totally Invisible, or
show Progress of your trials and errors after starting with an
Invisible maze. Beginner, Intermediate, Expert Mazes.
Under "apps" tab, also see (among others) ...
"Best Emergency Flasher" gives you ultimate control of colors and
flash rate.

"Blindfold Ping Pong" -- Try closing your eyes-- you'll feel like you
are in a professional tournament!
Blind Earth Escape 1.0
Sept. 8, 2011
Want a challenging maze game? How about one
that's also a great game for your child?
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