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Blind Earth Escape
The layout of screens are as shown,
except that the "info" screen with links
to this website and the App Store is not
VoiceOver is supported.
Only 5 rows of walls
separate you from your
goal. And there are only 4
columns in which to move.

But when the walls are
invisible, try remembering
the successful steps you've
taken, or determining when
you must be headed for a
dead end. I dare you!
Drag ball to top
level to solve maze.

Crossing a wall will
cause ball to drop.
Child mazes are
completely visible.

"Progress" mazes start
out Invisible. When a ball
is dragged across an
invisible wall, the ball
falls to its starting
position, a small
explosion occurs at the
wall, and the wall is
displayed and remains
that way.

Invisible mazes remain