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Freefall Alert Bungee
Blindfold Ping Pong
"Freefall Alert Bungee" provides for
one or two of dozens of humorous
audible alerts to be triggered to let
you know when you've dropped your
iPhone and iPod touch on something
soft like grass or a chair or couch and
don't notice. A drop of only an inch or
two will trigger an alert. And the more
dramatic falls will be less stressful as
this application is sure to make you
laugh and relax, letting you know your
device is just fine!
Best Emergency Flasher
Put this flasher in your car's rear
windshield when stopped on the side
of the road at night. Or carry this
flasher while walking in low-light
conditions. Use it as you would use
any of the stand-alone flashers on
the market. But unlike those
flashers, Best Emergency Flasher
will always be with you when you
have your phone.
Blindfold Ping Pong is a physical game
in which you swing your device like a
paddle similar to TV screen based
games, but uses only audible
feedback, not visual. Only the
sounds of the ball hitting the table will
be your clue when to swing.
VoiceOver supported in version 1.1
myAlgebra is a set of calculators
providing solutions to several popular
problems in Algebra, Quadratic
Equations, and Triangle Geometry
using trigonometric equations. It is
designed to allow for easy and fast
input using an on-screen numeric

The on-screen keyboard means no
more repeated opening and closing of
the iPhone keyboard to enter data. In
most cases, the answers are provided
within the same one-page view as the
keypad and the inputs.
Blind Earth Escape
You have discovered precious silver in
the earth! Your job is to drag your
precious silver balls up 5 levels to the
surface, moving blindly up through
the ground to Freedom and fresh air!
Enjoy 3 maze types, with 3 skill levels
per type.
VoiceOver is supported.

Choose 1 of 3 ball movement sounds.
They provide additional feedback
when exploring an invisible maze.