Blindfold Ping Pong (table tennis) is a physical game in which you swing your device like a paddle
similar to TV screen based games, but uses only audible feedback, not visual. Only the sounds of the
ball hitting the table as in a real game will be your clue when to swing.

Hone your timing and table tennis skills, and get some physical activity you don't normally get with
most mobile device based games.

Easy to play
Visual Help
Audible Instructions throughout game
Practice screen
3 Skill Levels, from Beginner (easy enough for children), to Expert
One Player or Two Player operation

For devices running iOS 4,
Game State is preserved when you close the app to run another app.
Incoming calls may be taken, and Game State is preserved.
Music may be played in the background.

Ridiculous Apps
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Blindfold Ping Pong
Try closing your eyes-- you'll feel like you are in a
professional tournament!
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Blindfold Ping Pong 1.0
Jan. 8, 2011

Blindfold Ping Pong 1.1
Updated Aug. 31, 2011

VoiceOver is fully supported in
Version 1.1
Why isn't there a game like this in the App Store
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