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myAlgebra is a set of calculators providing solutions to several popular problems including Straight Line Algebra, Quadratic Functions, and Triangle
Geometry using trigonometic equations. It is designed to allow for easy and fast input using an on-screen numeric keyboard.

The on-screen keyboard means no more
repeated opening and closing of the
iPhone keyboard to enter data. In most
cases, the answers are provided within
the same one-page view as the keypad
and the inputs.

The application is incredibly easy to use
and provides quick answers for the high
school or college math student to check
his or her work. It is so quick and easy
that it encourages one to experiment with
different input values to better
understand the principles of solving the
particular problem at hand.
The first time you invoke each calculator, you
will notice the key pad and graphic swapping
sides with the input fields. Above, the key pad
is moving to the right over the input/output
fields which are moving to the left. This is to
remind you that you may flip the key pad to the
side which is most convenient for you.

We have provided a simple "Flip" button on
every calculator to allow a user to instantly
align the keypad on either the left side or right
side. The input fields simply move to the side
opposite the keypad. We want to satisfy the
needs of everyone-- whether you're right
handed or left handed, whether you use your
thumb or a finger to tap on the screen.
While most solutions (the outputs) can be
displayed on the main page simply by filling
in the empty input/output fields, the results
for 2 types of problems generate more
output than can be displayed alongside the
key pad. Both show their results on a page
beneath the main page which is smoothly
revealed by curling up the main page when
the user taps "Calculate".

The first problem, Quadratics, requires
some intermediate values to be calculated,
so these are displayed on the results page
along with the resultant Vertex and X
intercepts. The second problem, the
infamous scalene triangle problem, "Side
Side Angle", can have 2 solutions for
certain inputs as shown in the example